Stock Product Items

The following list shows products that are available to purchase from stock. Please note that this list will change, depending of the products that are available at the time.


These products can ONLY be purchased by phone, using either a credit or debit card. For our hours of business and phone number see our contacts page. Prices are as per the current web site details, which can be found in the Products section. Postage and Packing rates can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

Products are currently available in the following categories

(MFK) - for Martin Finney Kit
CBS - for Crank between spoke
c/t - for Crank Throw

Balance Weights

1 set BR 0-6-0 08/09 Diesel Shunter

Bogie and Tender Wheels

3 axles LMS 3'61/2" 10 spoke bogie (Fowler) 18.83 Nickel Silver
1 axle LMS 3' 61/2" 10 spoke bogie (Stanier) 'OO' Nickel Silver
3 axles GWR 4' 11/2" 12 spoke tender 'OO' Nickel Silver

Coach and Wagon Wheels

2 axles 3'1" Wagon 8 spoke 10-12 Tons 'OO' Nickel Silver
20 axles 3' 1" Wagon 10 spoke 18.83 Nickel Silver

Complete Sets

1 set LNER 0-6-0T J72 'OO' Brass
1 set GWR 2-4-0 Stella indented EM Nicke Silver (MFK)
1 set GWR 4-4-0 City/Atbara indented EM Nickel Silver (MFK)
1 set GWR 4-4-0 City/Atbara EM Nickel Silver (MFK)

Conversion Packs

1 pack Triang 4 axle pack 'C' 'OO' Nickel Silver
1 pack Hornby 6 axle pack 'A' (version 3) 'OO' Nickel Silver
1 pack Lima Sprinter 'OO' Nickel Silver
1 pack Lima 4 axle pack 'B' (DD) 'OO' Nickel Silver
1 pack Hornby 4 axle pack 'A' (DD) version 1 'OO' Nickel Silver
1 pack Heljan Class 26 'OO' Nickel Silver

Diesel Trailer and Centre Car Packs

[No stock items available]

Disc Diesel Wheels

[No stock items available]

Driving Wheels

7 axles GWR 5'2" 16 spoke 10" c/t CBS Indented 18.83 Steel
2 axles LMS/BR 5'3" 16 spoke 13" c/t CBS EM Nickel Silver
2 axles L&Y 3' 03/8" Disc 9" c/t Pug 'OO' Nickel Silver

Economy Conversion Packs

5 packs Triang 4 axle pack 'A' 'OO' Brass
1 pack Hornby 4 axle pack 'D' 'OO' Nickel Silver
1 pack Bachmann Class 55 'Deltic' 18.83 Nickel Silver

Locomotive Crankpins

[No stock items available]