Gear Cutting

As well as the standard gear and gear sets listed in the 'Products' section of our web site, we are able to produce gears and gear sets with other tooth sizes and numbers of teeth as a bespoke service for the modeller.

Listed below are just some of the currently available options.

Worm and Worm wheel gear sets

  • 100 DP from 15:1 upwards
  • 0.4 MOD. from 21:1 upwards

Spur gears and Helical gears

  • 48 DP from 12 teeth upwards
  • 60 DP from 12 teeth upwards
  • 64 DP from 13 teeth upwards
  • 72 DP from 13 teeth upwards
  • 96 DP from 18 teeth upwards
  • 100 DP from 15 teeth upwards
  • 0.3 MOD. from 21 teeth upwards
  • 0.4 MOD. from 21 teeth upwards
  • 0.5 MOD. from 15 teeth upwards
  • 0.6 MOD. form 15 teeth upwards

Bore sizes for both gears and worms will depend on the size of the gear or worm in question. Examples of bespoke work we have done can be found in the 'Workshop' and 'Research and Development' sections of our web site.

Therefore, if you are unable to find the item you are looking for in our standard gears and gear sets range, then please contact us either by phone or email with your requirements and we will see if we can help.