Bespoke Tyres (Fine Standard profile)

Tyre Data

Tread Dia. - 'TD' :
Minimum Dia. - 0.880" [22.35mm]
Maximum Dia. - 1.037" [26.34mm]
Tyre Width - 'TW' :
0.080" [2.03mm] to 0.147" [3.73mm]
Internal Dia. - 'ID' :
0.619"[15.72mm], 0.657"[16.69mm], 0.706"[17.03mm], 0.736"[18.69mm], 0.783"[19.89mm]
0.790"[20.07mm], 0.809"[20.55mm], 0.859"[21.82mm], 0.882"[22.40mm], 0.906"[23.01mm]
+0.002"/-0.002"[+0.051mm/-0.051mm] (on all the above dimensions)
Supplied as per product image

Please note: Tyres are only currently available within the specifications of the above tyre data.

Price shown is per tyre