Hornby 0-4-0 'Sentinel'

Axle Diameter:
3.0 mm
Wheel Diameter:
12.0 mm
This wheel diameter may not be correct to prototype. But to keep the models ride height as supplied, the wheel diameter is as near as possible the same as the wheel diameter supplied by the RTR manufacturer.
Supplied as per product image

Special Note:
These conversions use a modified version of our EMF and 18.83 wheel profiles. These new versions we are calling EMF(F) and 18.83(F). The difference is that both have a modified tyre width that will allow the conversion to be fitted directly into the model without the need to make any cosmetic changes to either the outside frames or the brake gear/rodding. The back to back sizes are still the same as the standard dimensions for EM and 18.83 gauges. Its just the wheel profile that has been changed.

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