Ultrascale Releases it's First Mobile App

Ultrascale has just released it's first mobile app for the iPhone. This app can be used to calculate the Outside Diameter and Centre Distances of gears and pinions.

More details can be found on the Support page for the app.

Cheque Based Mail Order Payments

Having now looked at our new bank changes for the processing of cheques/postal orders. We have taken the decision that we will now have to introduce a £5.00 surcharge charge for all orders that are paid for either by cheque or postal order. We are sorry to have to take this action but it has been force on us by the increase in bank charges for these items.

This new charge will only apply to cheque/postal order payments and will be introduced from Monday 14th October 2013. Any orders that are received from this date on, that do not meet this rquirement will be returned.

Shut for the Day for The Great Gathering - 3rd July 2013

Yes, we will be shut all day so no phone, email etc will be answered and no orders updated.

We are all off to the NRM, something much more interesting then making wheels, 6 A4's to have a look at. May post some photos when we get back and first class travel all the way.

Prices and VAT Update

As of the 1st May 2013 we are no longer registered for VAT. Any export orders that would have had the VAT deducted will no longer be processed for VAT when balance of order payment is taken.

Product Prices, Now and into the Future

Due to the ever increasing cost of the raw materials that we use at this time. We will be keeping an eye on costs for these and may have to increase prices again if they continue to go up.

New Postage Rates 2012

As from the 30th April 2012 the Post Office will by increasing the prices for UK and International post. We have looked at the new rates and taken the decision not to increase our current charges for postage at this time.

Bespoke Model Engineering Services

We are now able to offer a range of bespoke services to the modeller. This means that it is now possible for the modeller to have parts custom made to their requirements.

Details can be found on the Services section of our web site.

Increase in Credit Card charges

We have been informed by our card processor that the charge that we pay for processing credit cards is to go up from the 1st April 2012.

This increase only applies to credit cards, both personal and commerial, and does not effect debit card payments, these will be kept un-changed. These increases will be absorbed by us and will not have any effect on our current product prices.

Price of Nickel Silver increases again

For the second time in the last four months the price of Nickel Silver has increased. The average increase each time has been around the 10% mark.

We are not at this time going to increase our prices, but we will be keeping an eye on the cost of Nickel Silver to see how things go.