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Welcome to the Ultrascale Products web site

On this web site you will find information about Ultrascale products. Ultrascale is the name under which a range of 4mm scale items for modelling British outline steam and diesel locomotives is produced. This range includes the most common locomotive and rolling stock wheels and conversion packs for proprietary, ready to run locomotives. Most of these items can be supplied for either 'OO' Fine scale, E.M. or 18.83 gauges. Also available is a range of worm and wheel gear sets and spur gears suitable for 2mm, 4mm and 7mm scales.


Current Production Status

Due to my current delivery time and some personal issues that are having an ongoing impact on it.

I have taken the decision to put a hold on taking any more orders at this time, as it would not be fair to make customers wait any longer then the currently stated delivery time. I will look at the order situation as an ongoing process, but feel I need to deal with the current orders that I have first.

It should be noted that the 'products' section of this web site has been disabled at this time. Sorry for any problems this may cause.

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Product Update and Information

Worm and Wheel Gear Sets

100 dp and 0.4 mod worms

We have just re-introduced our original steel worms for both 100 dp and 0.4 mod worm and wheel gears set. These worms are available with 1.5mm, 2.0mm and 3/32" bore.

Full details can be found in the Gears and Gears Sets section of this web site.


Commission Conversions

64xx 'Pannier' tank.

Our latest commissioned conversion was for the Bachmann Class 64xx 'Pannier' three in EM and two in 18.83.


Gauge 1 / 'O' Gauge test track

At long last I got around to building a test track for my Gauge 1 and 'O' gauge models. Very useful when you can't get out into the garden for a test run, due to the weather or leaves on the line.

So for anyone that may be interested, below is a description of what went into the construction of this test track.

The locos shown in to photo are a Gauge 1 Bachmann Brassworks 'Black 5' and two 'O' Gauge Dapol Class 08 diesel shunters.


Gearbox development using 3D printing

Just a quick update to show the lastest of our prototype gearboxes with 3D printed case. This is a 38:1 worm and wheel box, the one with the fly wheel can have both input and output shafts remove with out having to dis-assemble the gear box.


Cheque Based Mail Order Payments

Having now looked at our new bank changes for the processing of cheques/postal orders. We have taken the decision that we will now have to introduce a £5.00 surcharge charge for all orders that are paid for either by cheque or postal order. We are sorry to have to take this action but it has been force on us by the increase in bank charges for these items.

This new charge will only apply to cheque/postal order payments and will be introduced from Monday 14th October 2013. Any orders that are received from this date on, that do not meet this rquirement will be returned.

Spam Filters and Email Blockers

Could any customer that places an order and uses any form of spam filter or email blocker on their in coming email, please make sure that they allow the domain names '', '' and '' to pass through. Otherwise any email updates from us which relate to any order that they have placed may not get to them, which could cause either a delay or a cancellation in their order.

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